Kachine Riani



There is something about Kachine Riani’s appearance that makes her easy to overlook. It is not that she is common-looking, nor does she appear weak, boring, or some other characteristic deemed uninteresting; it is merely something about her that causes a person’s eyes to ‘move along’. Though should a person’s gaze linger on the young Tiefling, in conversation or an idle stare, there is surely a detail or two that would draw their attention further and hint that her heritage is not entirely human. Though the traces of demon blood in her veins are more a taint than a blend, it shows in a few of her features. Her eyes are a bright copper, almost a clear amber in color, harkening back to the fierce red eyes of the Erinyes that make up a part of her bloodline. Kachine’s hair is kept long and roughly frames her face, a heavy black against her fair skin. Much like her father, the rogue has fine features, made of long, elegant lines, again echoing her heritage though not obviously so and could easily be due to her human influence as well. Standing at 5’6", her sharp features and long, lithe body make her appear taller than she really is.

As her main source of income is rarely honest or safe, Kachine typically wears dark leather armor. Due to the superior quality, the leather is fitted to her figure so as to not hinder movement in any way. While travelling, she always has her simple rapier at her hip and a thin quiver at her other side. A relatively flat bag resting against her back, strapped over her torso, carries most of her other belongings.

Kachine Riani

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